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And So It Begins

Welcome to my game design blog! This is a new adventure for me - despite nearly 15 years in the design field I still don’t even have a portfolio site (thanks proprietary work!). And despite being a child of the 90s, I never even had a MySpace.

But as I tackle this adventure of game design, I wanted a place to capture what I’m learning, how I’m decomposing problems, and the good/bad/ugly of my design choices. And I figured, why not share? :-) It’s been incredibly helpful for me to absorb everything I can from the design blogs, podcasts, and forums I’ve found online. I’d like to add my voice to the choir.

A calico cat sits on top of a game board made of construction paper, surrounded by art supplies
Autumn helps me with every game design. She's very talented.

Perhaps someone reading this will be saved from making the same mistakes I make. Or maybe you’ll read this and have a great idea of your own to pursue! Whatever happens, hopefully, we’ll have a good time. So grab your cats and your art supplies and let’s get started…

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