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Pirates of the High Teas

As everyone knows, pirates absolutely adored afternoon tea. Compete to win your Captain's regarrrd by serving the tastiest tidbits to tide them through their nautical negotiations in this set collection game of piracy and pastries. Do you have what it takes to win, by hook or by cook?

Pinkies up me hearties, yo ho!

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Game Features


The Pirate Code of Tea

  1. All pirate business shall be conducted under a flag of Tea, a sacred parlay that 'tis never broken. 

  2. Swords and daggers are n’er drawn over Tea, unless a dish do be particularly tough.

  3. Only the son of a biscuit eater insults a tea service! Those who do insult the tea are to be marooned on the nearest desert island, left only with a single dessert and cup of tea. 

  4. Always serve lemon with tea, never milk. It do fight scurvy.

  5. Pair your tasty tidbits with a well-matched tea. To do elsewise do be uncouth.

  6. Servin’ the same dish as another cook do be cause for walkin’ the plank.

  7. Pinkies up, me hearties, yo ho!

Game Photos

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