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Knitting Circle

A cozy game of crafting warm winter wear. Draft yarn into your knit and purl baskets according to the selected stitch pattern, then start knitting! Figure out how to follow the knit/purl order while also creating point-scoring patterns.

Game Features


Knit and Purl

Did you know that there are just two basic stitches in knitting? Knit and purl. They're literally the opposite of each other: when you knit a bunch of stitches and then flip it over, the opposite side is all purls.

In this game, you must alternate rows of knits and purls, which is a basic technique to make an item like a scarf. Your yarn tiles have a knit side and a purl side and will get assigned a side when you draft, making the surprisingly challenging puzzle of how to create your envisioned pattern while following the knit/purl squence.

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